Computer Stations

The role of computers in classrooms has evolved from basic keyboarding to technology-driven curriculum. Day to day, classes such as Industrial Design, Animation, Engineering, and Esports employ robust software packages necessary for learning. These technology rich computer labs require workstations to comfortably accommodate students and their equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • 1.25″ thick worksurface with HPL laminate, balancing-backer sheet, and 3MM edge
  • Built-in Chase™ Wire Management
  • Accessibility Station Options
  • Straight or Concave Worksurface Options

Built to the inch

Computer workstation dimensions are built to the inch allowing for varying levels of privacy or collaboration.

IT departments appreciate the Chase Wire Management System with its ability to help simplify equipment connections. Cables and wires are kept out of sight behind sliding doors and optional built in power makes powering runs of stations a breeze.