State-of-the-Art E-Sports Arena

Sports are now being taken to screens in what is known as Electronic sports or E-sports. At the forefront of this movement is Lebanon High School, in Lebanon Pennsylvania where they have added an E-sports Varsity Team to their roster.

The students learn real world applications: Creativity, team building skills, communication, decision making, coordination, and problem solving. Added to that is the ground work for game and graphic arts design, other computer science related fields, and exposure to business practices and entrepreneurship.

The end result is a model facility. The functionality of their environment was just as important. The fully equipped space also hosts a web design, audio production, and a video production class. The combined efforts of PEMCO and Interior Concepts made this vision a reality.

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“We ended up going for a built-in look using furniture from Interior Concepts. The install team was detail oriented and invested in the appearance of the final product. The furniture surfaces were able to be color matched to the room’s color scheme. The layout was customized to match the room dimensions. The wire management chases in the furniture is just outstanding. We are hopeful that teams developing their own space will be able to adapt our design to create just an amazing space for themselves.”

–Shawn Canady, Chief Information Officer
Lebanon High School